Window and Door Repairs Bradford

Window and Door Repairs Bradford

24 hour locksmith and 24 hour emergency boarding. We can open any stuck window or door in Bradford and surrounding areas.

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Window and Door Repairs BradfordHere at Effective Window and Doors we try our very best to repair existing windows and doors. However, sometimes this isn’t possible so we have to replace the broken parts. This is usually a last resort. We can repair:

  • Jammed Windows and Doors
  • Misty/Clouded Glass (Replace)
  • Any window lock
  • Any door lock
  • Hinges
  • Handles
  • Letter boxes
  • Panels
  • Leaks and Drafts
  • Door re-alignment
  • Replacement Locks and Keys
  • Burglary Repairs

Window and Door Problems – Repaired

Effective Window and Doors Solutions will repair most of your window and door problems. If we are unable to repair the problem we will quote you to replace the broken part.

Why replace your windows when we can repair them for a fraction of the cost. Our aim is to wherever possible repair any product taking away the need for expensive replacements.

We can easily replace all your window hardware. If your window handle is moving but your window is not opening, you are probably in need of a new handle or a new window locking mechanism.

When you close your window is there a gap between the sash and the frame? you probably need new hinges or new rubber seals.

We provide a wide range of window and door repairs in Bradford/Leeds, and throughout West Yorkshire. All repairs are done to the highest quality using only the best products/materials available.

Cracked or Smashed Windows

Have you accidentally smashed a window or does it have a crack in the pain? We can replace the glass for you.

Upgrade to New Energy Efficient Glass or Decorative Glass

If you have sealed units that are old and not very energy efficient, we can upgrade them, without replacing the frames, in most cases transforming your windows performance to a BFRC A rating.

Damaged and broken windows and doors can be a nightmare. All too often it happens at the worst possible time when you just want to relax at the weekend or in the evening. Bird strikes, footballs, vandalism and burglary are the most common causes. Glass may be broken or the surrounding frame damaged.

Then there are other problems that can surface such as jammed windows, doors that need realigning after having new carpets installed, leaks and drafts or hinges that are coming astray. Losing keys and needing new locks is a constant hazard for every property owner.

Window and door repairs Bradford can help solve these problems. Help in an emergency is available around the clock, so no matter what the time, a specialist will come out to the property and give instant assistance. This may be a matter of boarding up a window so that you can sleep securely, before a permanent replacement is made a few days later.

No door or window problem is too small. Window and door repairs Bradford will advise and repair wherever possible so as to keep the cost down.

Contact Effective Window and Door Repairs Bradford for an instant quote – or for emergency help.

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